Marketing Automation, Sales Automation and Expert Nurturing Expert.

Expert B2B. I created the first Sales Database, Marketing Automation and Sales CRM specifically designed so that Ad-Tech and Digital Media Companies could sell more to Brands and Agencies.

The ATMS platform enables innovative Advertising Technology, Digital Media Companies and Mid-level Technology and Recruiting Firms to locate and engage the right buyers at scale. This system dramatically improves revenues, sales and in-turn valuations and exit multiples. Everything is accomplished with tremendous upside and no downside exposure. Creates deal flow and pipeline in days and weeks as opposed to years.

Passions include intent analysis for Search Re-targeting Efforts. Seeing digital work to solve problems and creating evergreen value measured in years not just months. Love email and social applications to drive increased sales.

9 Years Advanced Ad-tech Experience | 15 Years Advanced Digital Media Experience

Specific experience forming long-term revenue partnerships with DMP’s, DSP’s, Data Aggregators.

Enjoy building companies and participating in early to mid stage development stages of a companies growth.

Strong background developing high-level relationships and solving problems for and with executives. Liaising directly with C-Level execs regularly.

I am an active explorer of digital and mobile. My time is spent analyzing, identifying and acting on market opportunities. I see immense opportunity to be part of the digital evolution and to fill serious needs in the online advertising industry.

I am uniquely skilled at delivering world class strategy while also being accomplished at sales and business development.

March 4th 2014: Patent Granted
Abbreviated Dialing Systems and methods for establishing a telecommunications bridge between a user device and a node. Patent for dialing codes of 7 digits or less.